Grooming Schedule

Akita 8-12 Weeks
Cairn Terrier 6-8 Weeks
Alaskan Malamute 8-12 Weeks
Cavalier King Charles 4-8 Weeks
American Cocker Spanial 6-8 Weeks
Collie 6-10 Weeks
Airdale 6-8 Weeks
English Setter 8-12 Weeks
American Water Spanial 6-8 Weeks
German Shepherd 6-8 Weeks
Australian Shepherd 6-8 Weeks
Golden Retriever 8-12 Weeks
Basset Hound 4-6 Weeks
Havanese 4-5 Weeks
Beagle 6-8 Weeks
Labrador Retriever 4-8 Weeks
Bearded Collie 4-6 Weeks
Lhasa Apso 4-8 Weeks
Maltese 4-6 Weeks
Bernese Mountain Dog 4-6 Weeks
Bichon Frise 4-8 Weeks
Old English Sheepdog 4-6 Weeks
Pomeraanian 4-6 Weeks
Poodle 4-6 Weeks
Pekinese 6-12 Weeks
Schnauzer Miniature 6-8 Weeks
Standard Schnauzer 8 Weeks
Scottish Terrier 6-10 Weeks
Shetland Sheepdog 6-8 Weeks
Shih Tzu 4-8 Weeks
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier 4-8 Weeks
Silky Terrier 6-8 Weeks
Tibetan Terrier 4-6 Weeks
Welsh Terrier 6-8 Weeks
West Highland Terrier 6-8 Weeks
Wire Fox Terrier 6-8 Weeks
Yorkshire Terrier 4-6 Weeks

About La' Pooch Salon Pet Grooming

Thanks For Visiting La’ Pooch Salon , a state of the art facility. We groom all breeds of dogs and cats . Big and small we love them all. La’Pooch was established in 1991 by Pam Cunniff owner, she graduated from the Twin City School of pet grooming in 1989 with a diploma of excellence. We feature soft paws, furminator shed less treatment, hand scissoring and spa packages. We carry shampoos and conditioners, natural and organic. We are Vet. referred and pride our selves in continuing our grooming knowledge and services.
"How often should my pet be groomed?"
The duration of the time between professional grooming can very between dogs of the same breed. Coat condition, hair type, density, and climate are some of the variables. A lot depends on how much home grooming you are willing to offer. The old wives’ tale says that you should not bath your pet very often is untrue. If your dog is being bathed with a professional product made for pets and ph balanced for a dogs skin, they can be and should be bathed at least once a month.

* The chart on the left will help you in determining suggested grooming durations of each breed. If yours is a mixed breed or a breed not listed, choose the breed that your dog most resembles.