Grooming Schedule

Akita 8-12 Weeks
Cairn Terrier 6-8 Weeks
Alaskan Malamute 8-12 Weeks
Cavalier King Charles 4-8 Weeks
American Cocker Spanial 6-8 Weeks
Collie 6-10 Weeks
Airdale 6-8 Weeks
English Setter 8-12 Weeks
American Water Spanial 6-8 Weeks
German Shepherd 6-8 Weeks
Australian Shepherd 6-8 Weeks
Golden Retriever 8-12 Weeks
Basset Hound 4-6 Weeks
Havanese 4-5 Weeks
Beagle 6-8 Weeks
Labrador Retriever 4-8 Weeks
Bearded Collie 4-6 Weeks
Lhasa Apso 4-8 Weeks
Maltese 4-6 Weeks
Bernese Mountain Dog 4-6 Weeks
Bichon Frise 4-8 Weeks
Old English Sheepdog 4-6 Weeks
Pomeraanian 4-6 Weeks
Poodle 4-6 Weeks
Pekinese 6-12 Weeks
Schnauzer Miniature 6-8 Weeks
Standard Schnauzer 8 Weeks
Scottish Terrier 6-10 Weeks
Shetland Sheepdog 6-8 Weeks
Shih Tzu 4-8 Weeks
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier 4-8 Weeks
Silky Terrier 6-8 Weeks
Tibetan Terrier 4-6 Weeks
Welsh Terrier 6-8 Weeks
West Highland Terrier 6-8 Weeks
Wire Fox Terrier 6-8 Weeks
Yorkshire Terrier 4-6 Weeks
Cottage Grove

8599 West Point Douglas Road, STE 800 Cottage Grove, Minnesota 55016


Welcome to La'Pooch Salon!

La'Pooch is a pet grooming salon that services the southeast metro, including Cottage Grove, Woodbury, Inver Grove Heights, South St. Paul, Newport, St. Paul Park, Hastings, Prescott and other surrounding communities. We groom all breeds of dogs including designer breeds. "Dogs spread rumors, about good groomers"; La'Pooch does not stop with dogs we welcome all cats. "A well groomed cat is a happy cat". Please feel free to browse our site and don’t forget to schedule your pet for it’s next groom today!
* The chart on the left will help you in determining suggested grooming durations of each breed. If yours is a mixed breed or a breed not listed, choose the breed that your dog most resembles.